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Commission prices
Prices will vary on what you would like for me to draw. Payments must be payed through paypal, both cash and point commissions must be discussed about before the payment can be received. Let me start off that I will NOT do the following

Fan created characters(e.g any character that ISN'T in the original video game/cartoon that it came from)
Super violent pictures
X rated pictures(Its not allowed on DA for obvious reasons)

What I will do.

Video game characters
Original characters of your own
fan-art(depending on what mood I'm in). 
Anime(to some extent provided what I'm working with) 
and comic book characters. 

Traditional black and white penciled art $10(extra character is $5) 30 points(extra character is 10 points)
Peace from a yeti by CLXcool You're drinking my cousin!!! by CLXcool Pug knight onward for adventure by CLXcool Donkey Kong pencil sketch by CLXcool

Traditional colored art $15 (extra character is $5) 35 points (extra character is 10 points)

Taking pointers from a bear and a bird by CLXcool This isn't what gamers wanted by CLXcool The double headed pussy by CLXcool Cute Carmen by CLXcool 

Digital art $10 (extra character is $5) 30 points (extra character is 10 points)
Digital Dickafoot by CLXcool They're Back by CLXcool  Smashing Cherri by CLXcool Dancing one-shots by CLXcool 

Caricatures(digital or traditional your choice)- $15(5 dollars extra for another person added in the drawing) 35 points(extra character is 10 points)

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Newest Deviations

My art(unless if I say otherwise). Please leave feedback on my art if you like what I submit.

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Criticism is a very important thing to everyone. If it's given in a constructive matter, it can be useful to some people. However. There are people in this world who cannot accept criticism when it is given in a constructive matter. Many moons ago, I was once 'shot down' by a professional artist who didn't accept criticism. Even when I gave it to him in a constructive matter, he believed that it was best to rip me into a new one. Some know who the artist is, but I will reveal who the said artist is.

Kyle Carrozza(or known by his DA name on here, tvskyle). For those who don't know what Kyle has done. He's the creator of the Nickelodeon cartoon pilot Moobeard the Cow Pirate, and a co creator for the online webcomic Frog Raccoon Strawberry. Before even doing anything for professional studios like Disney and Nick. He started off doing some short flash web animation for the internet. As well as developing various concepts for different shows to pitch to places like Disney, Nick, Comedy Central, Fox, and of course Cartoon Network. Now he's created an online cartoon for Cartoon Network entitled Mighty Magiswords for the CN anything app.

Getting back to the main point of criticism. Months ago, on facebook, he was tagged on a post on a show he storyboarded on that was Fanboy and Chum Chum. The post in question were two title cards that were posted were episodes that he storyboarded on. I later said about the post(and I quote since this is something that I actually said) 'I may not be a fan of the show, but I happen to enjoy how the title cards look for the show'. Without warning. I get a rather vulgar message from Kyle.

The Fucking Message by CLXcool

Just for expressing my opinion(which he thought it as rude).. As you can see, I tried to apologize to Kyle, but he ended up pointing his finger at me as if I was the bad guy. I later felt guilty. I was once a fan of Kyle's art, he wasn't much of an influence on me to do art, but I liked how his style was cartoony and he was a  great character designer. Two days later after this predicament that happened. I talked about this to some of my online friends, who later revealed that Kyle has done similar things to them expressing criticism to him. One of my online friend's friend was called out from Kyle.

Kyle by CLXcool

As my interested peaked if Kyle has learned to take criticism or not. I went through a search to see if he learnt anything about receiving criticism. One thing that surprised me was that John K(Ren and Stimpy creator) had criticized about Kyle's style back in 2007(when he was comparing on things that were appealing and were not appealing). He used three drawings from Kyle's work as an example of things that were not appealing.

John K stuff on tvskyle by CLXcool

John never explained why Kyle's drawings were 'unappealing', my guess is that Kyle relies too much on making the characters 'tude'(a trend that some animators use to make their characters 'appealing' to some of the modern audiences today) that method rarely works and it annoys certain people. Kyle didn't take this well when he found out about it, and was later questioned on 4chan(not too surprisingly he remained anonymous when someone asked him about John K labeling his art as  'not appealing') 

"No further questions, your honor."

It didn't end there. Kyle had to make this personal. How? In his online web-comic Frog Raccoon Strawberry, by having a caricature of John in a story arc of when Strawberry fields and one of her friends go to a comic con like convention and they meet an artist by the name of 'John Kantpronunci'(not going to explain how it goes beyond that other than it caricatures John in a poor immature way). Needless to say. It had a mixed reception from some comic readers. Eddie Fitzgerald(an artist who worked with John and is friends with him) thought Kyle was overreacting when he made the jab at John K. Don't believe me? Look at the comments from the said page when the comic was posted.

Eddie fitz 1 by CLXcool

Kyle's Response by CLXcool
Eddie Again by CLXcool

Eddie believed that Kyle should have apologized for doing this to John, but as of now. He hasn't bothered to do so, which is insulting.  Speaking of insulting. Kyle just had to make things personal just for myself when he had to get his friends to attack me on tumblr. All which were anonymous. I didn't know who Kyle told to attack me, but I did figure out one of them. Since she clearly left a hint to reveal her herself throughout her comment. The person in question is a close friend of Kyle's. Who I thought was a nice person until she dared to tell me to not say bad things about Kyle. I can only assume that she was forced to do this because she doesn't want to lose her 'popularity' that she got from Kyle in the first place. 

Kyle's Goons by CLXcool


The one with red highlighting is from the said person who told me not to be rude from Kyle. As much as I started to dislike Kyle's actions for what he did to my peers and myself, I started to lose interest in supporting him. Then, the news about a new cartoon from Kyle got out. It was called Mighty Magiswords. Being a fan of the fantasy genre. I decided to check it out whenever the first episode of the show would be released. I know that it went from a different title from Magiswords, since it was originally called 'Dungeons and Dayjobs'.

A what could have been by CLXcool

I thought it would be a nice breath of fresh air, since I cannot remember the last time there was a cartoon that actually looked 'animated' looking in terms of character design. However. The only downside to that was that it was for the CN anything app, and the fact that it was made with digital methods over with traditional hand-drawn methods. Do not get me wrong. I like digital animation that is executed correctly.  After seeing the first two episodes online(thanks to Cartoon network putting them up on the internet). I was left with a disappointed reaction. I didn't find the cartoon enjoyable as I thought it would be, and it just felt like a wasted opportunity altogether. There wasn't much character movement, all they did was stand around and talk. Like I was watching a more animated version of Family guy(which I didn't think that was even possible). I even compared how the animation was done on tumblr after seeing the first two episodes.…

After showing this to Kyle, as well as expressing my opinion that Magiswords would have been better if it was done with traditional animation methods(like how his cartoon Moobeard the cow pirate was produced), he later sends me this as a reply.


Comment on TVsKyle s profile   DeviantArt by CLXcool

As I said before, even when expressing my opinion like an adult, he still acts childish. moments later, I got a message from Kyle from tumblr. Not surprisingly, it's an anonymous message.

Kyle's Message by CLXcool

Calling me a grump just for expressing an opinion and saying that my art sucks. Kyle could have acted like an adult and send me a message through tumblr with his account, but did he? No. He had to use the anonymous route to try to dodge a bullet on making himself look bad. Now the anonymous messaging has been blocked from my tumblr for this very reason. If you want to speak to me on tumblr, show yourself rather than hiding yourself behind a bush like a coward.

Unlike him, I'm willing to accept criticism in a constructive matter rather than act like a complete child about it. The fact that he attacks on his fans and uses his friends to attack on people who just express their own opinion to me is just completely disgusting. I always believed that professional artists should be willing to  accept criticism and learn from their mistakes to past onto future artists. However we're in an age where  everyone thinks they are 'perfect' being blind without seeing the mistakes in their works. To anyone that watches me. I respect your opinion and what you're entertainment tastes are. I won't attack you for expressing something you like. I won't even attack you if you say you don't like my art and explaining why with constructive criticism on why you don't like it. If you can't face the reality of some of the things in this world when it comes to criticism. You're no better than Tom Cruise or this artist who thought he'd be doing a good deed to get his 'friends' to attack me like I was a bad guy. I'm just a hobbyist who likes doing art on the side. 

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Chris Leonido
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a guy who loves animation done by actual cartoonists over sellouts. I am also a huge old-school gamer as well as a big animation buff.

Working on projects of my own while dealing with every day life.

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